Red Dot Paintball Gun Package Review

A paintball gun with a rear and fore sight I probably the most beautiful thing on the battle field. Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo Tactical Red Dot Paintball Gun Package edition gives you exactly the long range beauty you are looking for. It is a long range paintball marker which can be converted into a close quarter warrior in no time. The gun comes in three parts when it is shipped to you. It includes the gun, the sight and vertical forehand grip.

The gun replicates an AR-15 gun which can incorporate 6 firing positions. It has a collapsible and folding shoulder harness which can be modified for the picatinny rails. The barrel has 98 threads which gives you stable long range shots. The material of manufacture is aluminum with the gas line made with stainless steel. The bolt system is an in-line incorporated one along with a quick release feeder elbow which makes it easy to disassemble and maintain. It can shoot up to 150 meter with ease and comfort. The gun is compatible with all kinds of gas tanks including CO2 N2 and compressed air. One year warranty is also provided with essential spares and barrel cover.

The second part is the NcStar Airsoft Tactical Red Dot Reflex Sight Scope LED Weaver Base DP. A military style red dot reticle is provided with a clear lens and an LED to light it up. It gives a large field of view even in long range shoot position. The gun comes with extra battery and a mounting tool. The sight and forehand grip can be removed on the go to change the role of your weapon.

The third part NcStar Airsoft Folding Vertical Fore-grip which provides extra stability while taking long range shots and even in close quarter bursts. It easily mounts on Weaver/Picatinny style Forearm Rail or Quad-bike rail. The quick release allows you to change your battle tactic on the go. The vertical Grip folds into 4 positions for your required purpose.

It comes with a Maddog 20 oz CO2 comes empty but can be filled and refilled from a paintball shop at a very low cost. The pod carrying Maddog harness is black in color which can house 6 + 1 deluxe pods. Each pod can house 140 rounds to refill the 200 round gravity induced black hopper feeder. Order now to avail free and fast shipping at the checkout.

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  • Officially licensed product of the US Army
  • 11″ Quick Thread barrel (98 threads)
  • AR style collapsibe and folding stock
  • Compatible with Alpha Black Egrip Kit and Cyclone Feed Upgrade Kit
  • Compatible with 98 Custom Series Response Trigger Kit and 98 Platinum Series Flatline Barrel

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