Paintball Stores

Paintball Stores

The game paintball has increasingly become popular. Young and old, male and female, almost everybody can play the game paintball but you must have the proper equipment and gear to play paintball. Almost all paintball fields have paintball equipments and gears that are for rent. On the other hand, if you want to have your own paintball gears and equipment you can always buy them on the paintball stores. Paintball store can be found almost everywhere these days. The most convenient way of shopping for paintball equipments and gears is through the internet. There are lots of paintball stores in the internet. Online paintball stores have wide selections and cheap prices. Here are some of the top paintball stores on the internet.
Paintball Online (
Paintball Online has a large selection of paintball gears and equipments in stock. Paintball Online retails paintball markers from 20 paintball marker manufacturers. One of the few online paintball stores that features paintball buyer guide for new paintball players. Paintball Online is a division of also retails airsoft and skateboard gears and equipments.
888 Paintball (
888 Paintball is one of the top online paintball stores that have a vast selection of paintball equipments and gears. Their paintball markers range from a hundred to well over a thousand dollars. They also have a wide range of everything paintball, from accessories to clothes, to packages to videos and a lot more. 888 Paintball offers free shipping if your orders are well over two hundred dollars.
Xtreme Paintball (
Xtreme Paintball offers paintball packages, equipments and gears on a great deal. They also have a large array of refurbished paintball equipments, gears and packages. Xtreme Paintball also offers eBay auctioned products and airsoft products. Xtreme Paintball is also one of the few online paintball stores that offers free deliver of products over $200 and also ships internationally.
Paintball Gear Canada (
Paintball Gear Canada’s vast selection of paintball products includes paintball guns from over two dozen paintball marker manufacturers, paintball packages, paintball clothes, paintball games, and paintball accessories. You can also order through their toll fee number.
Paintball Discounters (
Paintball Discounters has a vast array of selection of paintball equipments, gears and packages. The nice thing about this particular online paintball retail shop is that if you happen to see certain paintball items that they have and others sell that particular item for a lower price they will match the price. All you have to do is to call their toll fee number or submit a “Low Price Patrol” form. Paintball Discounters customer service staff also has some paintball experience and knowledge. You could say that they know what they are selling.

It is important to remember that before shopping online, always look around for the best deals and always read the cancellations and return policies first before ordering.

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