Alpha Elite Paintball Gun Package Kit

The tippman US army alpha elite foxtrot paintball package kit is a dream come true for any paintball enthusiast who wants the best paintball gear. The marker includes the Army Alpha Elite Marker with Red Dot sight for adjusted aiming and firing on the go. It also has a carry handle which provides easy movement when not in firing position.

The CO2 tank has a 20 Oz capacity which includes a folding grip as well. Paint ball harness is also available to carry paint ball pods in the same quantity. You can refill on the go as well or when you are camping behind a pillar waiting for the firing to get less heavy before you reload and move out.

A state of the art GXG 200 round loader in elite black color is also part of the kit. It provides 200 rounds of fire power which is enough to take down an army of 5. For added safety the GXG XVSN paintball mask in black color is included in the kit. A wrist band also accompanies the pack for better grip while on the move as it prevents sweaty palms.

The CO2 tank has to be filled the first time and last many battle rounds. It can be refilled at a very low cost which makes the pack reusable for a long duration making it the right choice for the price you have to pay. The mask has an assorted visor to protect your face and give you complete vision of the battle field.

The price may seem on the high side, but the quality and quantity you receive in 194 dollars for what is some of the best best paintball gear. It also comes to your door step without any shipping cost making it a win product for you. If you order now, you not only get free shipping but also expedited shipping making you one happy soldier when it arrives in the mail.

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  • High performance 12” portal barrel
  • Magazine with tool storage capabilities
  • Replaceable Carry Handle
  • Pictanny Rails for upgrades
  • Mask
  • Cartridges

What We Like:

  • This gear is perfect for players who like to indulge in a weekend of paintballing
  • Everything that is needed for a game is included apart from some cool camouflage clothing
  • The marker is a semi-automatic one and works well for beginners or inters. If players are looking to upgrade to a fully automatic marker, then they can choose to upgrade the marker with an attachment
  • The durability of the marker and accuracy is exactly what a beginner would need. It can be customized to add extra features if need be
  • The Pictanny rails allow for additional attachments if required
  • The carry handle can be removed to include a scope if need be
  • This gear is for newbies who are looking to play paintball once in a way and then develop their interest
  • The ability to upgrade this marker makes it perfect for players who wish to start and then update it along with their skill
  • The magazine can be doubled to be used as a storage kit for different things
  • Tac-lights can be added instead of the carry handle if required
  • The set includes a fore-grip that folds
  • The cost is perfect for a marker and all the other accessories that you get with this pack
  • This gun is the motivation you need to take paintball seriously and begin developing your interest by making small upgrades to the gear
  • The mask that comes with the gear is fit with a clear goggle that is easy to wear over prescription glasses. The mask provides full frontal coverage.
  • The marker has a smooth trigger and is designed to perfection as all the other Tippmann products
  • The gear is made of durable plastic that lasts a few years

What We Don’t Like:

  • The paintball harness might not fit a 32” waist but fits perfectly on a 40” waist
  • Adults who have used the mask find that it is more suited for younger players

Ease Of use:

This is a one-stop purchase for a weekend of paintball for any player. Once paired with other upgrades the marker can be used for several years and until a player has acquired expert skills. This is the best paintball gear that you can give away as a gift for young children.



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